What Is WordPress

WordPress is a CMS (content management system) based on PHP and MySQL. Put simply WordPress is a website creation tool that is hosted on a webserver and is accessed trough a web-browser. WordPress is the easiest and most popular CMS in the world today.

Mailto Links

To create a Mailto link is pretty much like creating a regular link. Select the words you wish to be the link. In this case Email Me. Click the “Link Button”. Remove the “http://” and type “mailto: your email address”. Click “Add Link”.

New Blogger

All of the Google products Gmail, Docs, Picasa Web, Google Voice are all changing for the better. Today I saw that Blogger the redheaded step child of Google has now gotten a major upgrade. The dashboard user interface is all different now but the best thing are the new themes. I changed on of my…

Want To Learn More

In this short course we have touched on the basics of how WordPress works. This by no means is everything that WordPress has to offer. We have not even gotten in to plugins because plugins aren’t supported on wordpress.com. If you host your own WordPress site you can use plugins that will give your site…

More Embedding

Just like you do with photos, audio and video you can embed many more rich media. You can embed charts, maps, calendars, documents and much more. Let’s get started by embedding some Google products… Photos in Picasa Web Album in Picasa Web Picasa slide show Youtube Videos Docs Maps Calendars

Sharing Buttons

These days on of the best ways to get people coming to your site is using “social Media” like Facebook and Twitter. One of the best ways to¬†coax readers to share your post on these social site is to use “Sharing Buttons”. To turn on the buttons go to “Settings” and then “Sharing”. Under “Share…