Everything In The Cloud

In the last 5 years there has been a movement to get you to move all of your tasks to the cloud or Internet.  Today I will show how this works.  No more loosing you data when your computer dies.  Get your documents, email, calendar, notes, and messages everywhere.  Do your work from home and do you home from work.  Collaborate with co-workers, friends and family with ease.

  1. Get your email from the cloud,  GmailYahoo, Outlook Live,
  2. Online calendars,  Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Live  Calendar,
  3. Documents, Google Drive (or Google Docs)
  4. Messaging – Google Talk, Ebuddy
  5. Task G
  6. Maps – Google Maps, Bing Maps,
  7. Notes – Evernote

One Comment Add yours

  1. Edd says:

    Hi Mark, I thought you might enjoy this link, as I did. And perhaps decide to share it with others. And you have likely seen it already, anyway.

    I found that most of the content is just not for me, at this time. I am still stuck on the idea of a VPN to a computer in the cloud that I would use instead of a local device. This computer in the cloud would be the only thing the net would see of me, and be located outside of US jurisdiction. The owner of the account (me) would be anonymous to the hosting entity, and therefore everyone else as well. And of course there are the subjects of encryption, backups and proper usage that maintains the security of this account, to be dealt with.

    And perhaps a lesser secured configuration would be useful for more common cloud computing as well.

    For now, there is too much stuff to consider and not enough need and/or desire to do anything with all of it. (grin)



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