Download YouTube Videos w/ VLC


A while back you could easily download a video from YouTube using a Firefox extension. There are still extensions for Firefox but none of them work as they should and they have become quite sketchy.

There is a method to download YouTube videos and other web media using VLC Media Player. It is not as easy as the old plugins for Firefox but it gets the job dome without doing anything sketchy.

To download a video:

  1. Go to the YouTube video you wish to download and copy the URL (page address),
  2. Open VLC, and click on the Media tab, click “Open Location from clipboard”, click Play,
  3. Click the “Tools” tab, and “Codec information”,
  4. At the bottom of that box is a very long string of text. Select and copy it. This is the URL of the video so you must select all of it.
  5. Past the address in a web-browser. The video will play in the browser.
  6. Right click on the video playing in the browser and click “Save Video As”.
  7. Save the video.

The video is now saved.

This may seem convoluted but it works without weird plugins or going to sketchy websites.

This works for most web-based media.

I did have some difficulty preforming this on Linux surprisingly. I will need to try it again later.

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