What’s Up With Google Photos


It has been planned for a while that Google Photos will not be unlimited, for free if taken with your phone at the default resolution. Started June 1st 2021 Photos will now count toward your 15 gigs of free Google storage. If you purchase storage you will have additional in photos. Fifteen gigabytes is not a lot of space for photos, especially considering you maybe using a lot of it for attachments in email and large files in Drive.

You are maybe looking for a Google Photos alternatives and there are a lot of them out there. I have only tried two of them because I already was using them for other reasons.

  • The first is iDrive Photos. I already have a regular iDrive storage so there was no need to get a separate photos account. Both are very inexpensive and have really great introductory offers.
  • The second service I am using is Flickr. I stopped using Flickr for a while because of there association with Yahoo but they are no longer with Yahoo.

Neither iDrive or Flickr have the editing functionality of Google Photos but I haven’t the need for the Instagram like filters. Flickr is FREE! There is a payed service that I have not looked into and I don’t know what you get for your money.

Other Google Photos Alternatives

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