Photo Composition

Yes anyone can pull their phone out, open the camera app and begin pressing the button but are they taking pictures that are worth keeping?

Photo-taking is in part scientific but mostly it is art. The key component is composition. Placing the right subjects in the right place is the most important part .

Great photos can be taken with any camera. A phone, a point a shoot, or DSLR or even an old film camera. It is not the equipment that takes the photograph, it is the photographer.

In this post I and some helpful YouTubers will try to help you to make great photos compositionally.

My Composition Tips

  1. Get close – If you are so far away that you can’t see what or who the subject is than you will be taking seriously boring photos.
  2. In most instances you don’t want to place your subject dead center. Try dividing the camera/phone screen in to thirds and placing the subject on one of the third lines. This is called The Rule of Thirds.
  3. I know its hard for us old oldsters because of the bad knees but you have to get low in many situations. Many compositions a far more interesting from a lower vantage-point. When photographing people if you shoot from a standing-up position it may cause distortion because the head is closer than the rest of the body.
  4. Keep your horizontals, horizonal. Crooked photos not desirable. Just line the bottom of the frame to the floor or any horizon.
  5. Use the telephoto lens when taking portrait, or at least the most telephoto you have. If you don’t have anything other than the built-in wide-angle lens your phone take a step back a so you don’t get the long-nose effect. You can always crop it later.
  6. Don’t be afraid to break all of the rules. The just important thing is to create something interesting.

YouTuber Tips

Photo Composition Tips On YouTube

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